At coHousing Barcelona we work according to these 5 fundamental ideas:

1. Democracy and Participation

Active participation in all decisions concerning the different phases of our building projects and community management is encouraged.

2. Healthy Housing

Housing conditions can and should support good health. Our houses are contaminant free, thermally controlled and well ventilated and maintained. Our designs take advantage of the given environmental circumstances and geographical situation in order to create pleasant and harmonious spaces illuminated by natural light and filled with colours.

3. Sustainable Architecture

Our architects seek to minimize the negative environmental impact of our buildings by efficiency and moderation in the use of materials and energy, and to maximize the ecological capacities of our homes.

4. Self-Management

By managing our projects ourselves we reduce costs, avoid speculation and encourage alternative models of financing.

5. Circular Economy

With this philosophy we promote a structural change in the consumption model, where we try to make use of all waste. For example, we take advantage of waste and rainwater for irrigation and toilet flushing. We recycle organic material for compost in the community garden and can also exchange some of the goods we generate with the neighbourhood.