Arenys de Mar

Arenys de Mar-Doedes is a cohousing project for 20 family units including parking and common areas at 13-17 Doedes street in Arenys de Mar.

We make private land available to the people of Arenys and prevent speculative housing

From coHousing Barcelona we have issued 800 co-op securities for a total value of 400,000 euros.
In order to finance this new project coHousing Barcelona has issued 800 co-op securities worth € 500 each, totalling € 400000. The idea is to finance 40% of the purchase of a privately owned plot of land in Arenys de Mar, destined for social housing. The remaining 60% will be paid by the future tenants. This project will enable 20 family units to have access to decent and collaborative housing.

What are Co-op Securities?

Co-op securities or participative securities are an opportunity to participate financially in collective housing by investing in our projects.

What are my benefits?

Besides contributing to a good cause your investment yields up to 5% annually.

How many securities are for sale?

800 co-op securities, worth € 500 each. This collective financing will help 20 families to buy a plot in Arenys de Mar and build affordable housing.

How many securities can I buy?

You can buy as many securities as you like until they have been sold out.

What time span are we talking about?

The securities have a maturity of 3 years and can be renewed as soon as the period ends.

When can I invest?

You can buy securities from the 23rd of May to 31st of january of 2020.

What is the yield?

At three years, 5%
Interest is paid six-monthly.

What is Arenys de Mar-Doedes?

Arenys de Mar-Doedes is a cohousing project that is aimed at vitalizing this neighbourhood of Arenys de Mar.

It is a unique communal social housing project because everyone can participate in its development from beginning to end. The implication in the entire process contributes to the feeling of community and enables its members to take collective action. Whereas the acquisition of our homes is usually limited to an individual economic interchange, cooperative housing not only permits easier access to homes but also much better conditions.

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We promote the roots of people and the project in the neighborhood. On the one hand, the stability of the home allows the people living in the cooperative housing project to get involved and relate to projects and spaces in the territory. On the other hand, community spaces will open to the neighborhood and can favor relations between the neighborhood and the strengthening of the community network.

The project contemplates the construction of a building of 20 homes, with community premises and several community zones designed by the same people who will live in them where sustainability systems and high energy efficiency will be implemented.

The architectural design is based on energy saving criteria and takes into account the internal health of homes and healthy architecture.

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Legal formula: assignment of use of the spaces and services with the private property of the houses.

We have designed an integral cooperative property model formula. Under this model, all the partners own their home and share the right to use the common areas and services that are in the hands of the cooperative. The cooperative is governed by the statute that the members themselves have drawn up stipulating, among other things, a fair price for the property, which helps to end speculation.

How can I take part?

Come to our events and workshops or drop us a line at:

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