Co-op Securities

Co-op securities -also participative securities- are an opportunity to participate financially in collective housing by investing in our projects. This approach is very popular amongst housing co-ops because it breaks with the otherwise predominant model of having to rely on banks and mortgages for financing.

The securities are mercantile documents that incorporate a right of credit in favor of the holder with certain characteristics (for example, amount, due date, interest and periodicity of collection interests).

When these co-op securities are grouped into issues, they are called transferable securities and represent parts of a capital or a loan (for example, stocks, bonds or mortgage bonds). These emissions can be done by both the public sector and the private sector.

In conclusion, co-op securities are a form of transferable securities that are intended to raise money to finance an entity. Each participation certificate incorporates a right of credit in favor of the holder. This right of credit implies a correlative obligation of the issuing entity to comply with certain obligations. The basic obligations of the co-op securities are to reimburse the borrowed capital at maturity and pay the stipulated interest.

Right now a financing campaign is under way at coHousing Barcelona in order to finance the purchase of a private plot in Arenys de Mar where an avant-garde cohousing project will be built in the Maresme region.

The building at 13-15-17 Doedes street consists of 20 individual homes of different sizes and common spaces for everyone.

For this purpose 800 co-op securities worth € 500 each have been issued. The 3 year fixed deposits yield 5% interest p.a.

Your guarantee is the land purchased.

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