Co-op Securities

Co-op securities -also participative securities- are an opportunity to participate financially in collective housing by investing in our projects. This approach is very popular amongst housing co-ops because it breaks with the otherwise predominant model of having to rely on banks and mortgages for financing.

We basically auto-finance our buildings by inviting like-minded people to support us. In turn, their investment generates above market interest rates.

We have just started a campaign to finance the purchase of a plot of land in the Poble Nou neighbourhood of Barcelona where we will build communal social housing for 27 family units.

We have named the project LLacuna39 because of its location at 39 Llacuna Street.

For this purpose 1600 co-op securities, worth € 500 each, have been issued and are now available under the following conditions:

- 1 year fixed deposit = 3% yield p.a.
- 2 year fixed deposit = 4% yield p.a.
- 3 year fixed deposit = 5% yield p.a.

Your guarantee is the land purchased.

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