What is Cohousing?

Collaborative cohabitation housing model that promotes community life, through the participatory and cooperative self-management of common spaces and services, such as the dining room, laundry room, library and / or others, while maintaining the private spaces, which are independent and complete. The access model fits into the social, circular and supportive economy, and the constructive one in sustainability and health.
The idea is not to simply obtain a place to live, but to participate in its creation from the beginning and to get to know the people who will be your future neighbours.

What is it all about?

It is about promoting your home in a communal environment which caters to your present and future needs. It is a community oriented building project which is energy efficient, sustainable and optimizes the use of available living spaces.
In addition, it aims to create collaborative links between the community, so that they can benefit from and take advantage of these resources.

There are plenty of reasons to become part of a cohousing community:

1. It is an alternative to an increasingly outdated housing model
2. It is based on sustainable financing
3. It enables you to take part in vital decisions concerning your home
4. It optimizes the space-cost equation
5. It is participative, inclusive and cooperative
6. It is sustainable
7. It encourages communitas
8. It creates synergies
9. It is a form of taking civil action
10. It makes you look out for each other
11. It allows you to live in healthy homes
12. It can be done